Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

I really haven't been glued to the tv with this whole Larry Craig thing. I've read just enough articles on it to know what's going on, to feel sorry for his wife, and to elicit the world's biggest eyeroll.

It's also been somewhat of an education to me. Who knew that tapping your feet in a bathroom stalling could lead to tapping something else later? And really...a bathroom?? Yuck!! Up until now, I thought the hot places for manly lovin' were public parks. The creator of cruisingforsex.com is on record for saying, "Cruising areas traditionally have been those parts of town "women and children are told to avoid," but through word of mouth, bathrooms at places like Wal-Mart or Home Depot can become cruising locales."

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to "You Can Do It, We Can Help!"

So, Craig announced he would resign by the end of the month so he could vehemently fight these charges he has already plead guilty to. This is a good thing because if he is vehemently fighting the good fight, he really can't focus on the job he was elected to, right?

Now, he's reconsidering his resignation. Dude! I think you've embarrassed the great state of Idaho long enough. I've read that your orientation has been called into question for a long time anyway. Not that being a gay person hinders your ability to do your job, but when you were elected, I don't think most Idaho-ans wanted the representative from their state to be synonymous with nasty, public bathroom sex antics.

Anyone from that area care to share their feelings on the matter??

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