Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nurse Follies: Those Little Things

He was in his 40's, and he had Parkinsons. And he got to spend Christmas in the hospital. No one likes to be in a hospital during Christmas. Especially when you have families. We assume he addressed his frustration by calling the nurse every ten minutes for even the dumbest shit. Some people bring crossword puzzles, some knit, others aggravate the staff.

At the end of the shift, his nurse, a young new grad, was finishing up some last things in his room. Young new grad is a dude in his mid-twenties. Most everything rolls off his back. So far, unphased by what he sees. He will be a good nurse.

Parkinsons patient eyes his nurse, "M-m-m-mer-merry C-Chri-Chris-Christmas". You could tell it took great effort for the patient to utter these two words to his nurse, when he could have just saved his energy for when his wife and children arrive later that day.

Unflappable new nurse thanks the patient and leaves the room. Later, I find him at the desk with tears in his eyes.

Yes, he will make a fine nurse indeed.