Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Thoughts for Monday

I'm taking a page out of Logtar's book and just posting some random thoughts and stuff. It's better than nothing at all, I suppose.

- I'm worried about my mother.
- Things with my Aunt Jo are causing her to be stressed.
- I suspect my Aunt Jo is going senile.
- I also suspect my mother feels guilty about it.
- Sort of like Survivor's Guilt.
- I try to cheer my mother up when I can.
- I have a huge pile of mulch in my backyard.
- I had one of those nasty prickly ball trees cut down on Sunday.
- Moving mulch around isn't as easy.
- Especially now that it's wet.
- I've completely given up on the idea of dating and finding someone special.
- I'm pretty ambivalent about it, to be honest.
- I'm pretty ambivalent about a lot of things.
- I wonder if something is wrong with me.
- My birthday is this week.
- I'm pretty ambivalent about that too.
- Yesterday, I couldn't remember how old I was, and I had to grab a calculator to refresh my memory.
- That's not an exaggeration.
- I really thought I was a year older than I actually am.
- I may be sleep deprived.
- The Neuro drink for Sleep could be the best thing ever.
- I got all my hair chopped off.
- I like it, and should have done it sooner.
- A lot of people say it was a pretty ballsy thing for me to do.
- I don't see what the big deal is, I've had short hair before.
- I've booked another cruise.
- I am pretty excited about it.
- Even though it's not until next year.
- No, I'm not afraid of the ship sinking.
- Planes have crashed, and I still fly.
- I'm more worried about getting run over by an old person on a Rascal, than the ship sinking.
- I'm still pretty terrified of boats sinking.
- I gave up trying to reconcile my love for cruising and my fear of sinking boats.
- Current events depress me, or piss me off, or both.
- I think women should withhold sexy time until this war against them is over.
- Except for men who don't hate women.
- They should get all the sexy time.
- And get to brag about it to men who aren't getting any because they hate women.
- I think people would notice that a lot more than any organized march or protest.
- Women have more power than they know.
- And brains, too.
- Except Sarah Palin.
- And Rush's wife.
- I'm kinda hungry.
- I'm weighing my food options and am wearing my pj's.
- Am weighing the effort it takes to get ready versus how much I want food.
- Maybe I will have a cup of coffee and mull it over.
- Yeah, that's the ticket!


bobbie said...

Bet I can get you smiling...

I'll be posting new (super adorable)pupper pix tomorrow after...


I'm so sorry hear about Aunt Jo ~
Be gentle with yourself ~

K2 said...

Oh goodness. Life is crazy isn't it? Do the best you can because you are awesome.

Miss you.