Sunday, August 08, 2004

A nurse, is a nurse, is a nurse...

My nursing boards are coming up this Wednesday...and I am not ready. I said I would do thousands of practice questions before the test...but I may have done around 500 or so. I guess at this stage in the game...either you know it by now, or you don't. So, we will see this week if I know it or not. I'm still nervous about it. So far, almost everyone in my class who has taken boards has for a couple people we know who failed.

My job is going well. I am finally coming to a point where I feel confident and know what I am doing. My preceptor has sort of left me to my own devices, sort of a sink or swim approach. So far, I am doing fine. I like everyone I work with. I like my floor, even though I hate how they get dumped on sometimes. In a couple years, I would like to take a couple months off from work and go do a travel assignment...maybe in Hawaii or Florida. I hear California pays extremely well. My ultimate job would be cruise nursing.

I comfortable with my degree in Nursing. Some people do not have the good fortune of having their parents pay for college. So, there are a couple new grads with BSN's who look down on my lowly two-year degree. I just want to punch them in the nose. Guess what...we work at the same hospital, do the same job, and make the same salary. I've also come to know some 4-year nurses who can't find their ass with two hands. Scary!

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