Saturday, August 27, 2005

PT Cruiser Convention...KC Edition

Being the owner of a PT Cruiser, I was able to attend the PT Cruiser's Club National Convention, right here in my back yard (well, sort of). Friday night, there was a T-Bones game followed by a "Show and Glow". I did not participate in this event seeing how the only thing that glows on my car are the headlights, but I did peruse the other cars...all dressed up for people to see. Some cars had themes...your standard cute junk like Betty Boop, teddy bears and fairies; some college worshippers (K-State and Nebraska), some featured dragons, spiders, and one lady had her car themed with cats...which included a large pair of cat ears on the top and a long tail on the back. Then, some peope abandon all sense and reason and create what I have dubbed the "More Dollars Than Sense" cars. Some guy from Texas had his on hydraulic lifts, spinners, fancy doors that open skyward, plus a Playstation set-up for each looked like it came from one of the "Pimp My Ride" shows. Another couple from Oklahoma had their PT equipped car with the same doors, strobe lights and a fog machine. Whenever someone would get to close to the car, the woman's head would fly off her shoulders, spin 360 degrees, and land on back on her shoulders before she would exhale a stream of fire and a tirade upon the unfortunate individual who got too close. Honestly, if you don't want people touching your car...take a page out of real car shows and put up ropes or some sort of barricade! I was hoping for the guy from Texas to win just because the lady from Oklahoma was a real mean cow.

Today, it was hot as all getout. Everyone was showing their cars, a couple vendors were there peddling car-customizing stuff (I relented and had some small flames and a pinstripe added to my car). There was a big raffle, and I won a couple items...something I can give to my nephew for Christmas, a new coffee maker (which will come in handy when Mom comes to stay with me), and some brakelight covers for my PT. After all the booty was given away, we lined up and drove to the Kansas Raceway. There had to been at least 100 PT Cruisers...of many shapes and colors. The wait to get on the track might not have seemed so long if someone would have forseen that we would be roasting, and thought to set up some sort of beverage station or something.

I got to drive around the track on two separate instances. The first was was fun, but I was right behind the pace car, and I didn't get to go as fast as the people behind me. So the next time, I made sure I was toward the back of the line so I could allow some distance to pass between me and the next car...then I floored it. Talk about a rush! I wasn't aware that my car could go that fast, but it held up well, and not once did I hit the wall. I'm not a huge NASCAR fan, and this experience didn't make me one...but if someone offered me the chance to drive a real car around the track without a pace car in front of me...I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to it. :o)

So now I am home. I opted not to go to the awards thing tonight. I was too tired, too dehydrated, and I really didn't care. I think I almost fell asleep in my car waiting for my turn to drive on the track. I got my daybed set up, and I think I will spend the rest of the evening in my nice cool apartment, drinking whatever I can put ice cubes in.

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