Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Welcome to my new roomie!

So, my parents have finally found a buyer for their house. They close next month on the 8th, my mother is moving in with me on the 12th until she finds a job down at the lake, or one month...whichever happens to come first as Jerry has given her only 1 month to stay with me. This is fine, I imagine he would much rather have his wife with him than over a hundred miles away.

In the meanwhile, I have been preparing the second room for her pending stay. My new furniture is delivered on Friday. Fun for me.

My mother is very excited at the prospect of "quality time" spent with her only daughter. "We're going to have fun!" she chirps and giggles in such a way that leaves me worried. The last time we "had fun", I had to shell out $25 on the largest straw sombrero with VIVA MEXICO on the front, then half dragging her back to a cruise ship while she is singing loudly about how much she loves tequila. She did wonder where she could find the best margarita in Kansas City, making it sound like a possible quest while she is staying with me. Needless to say, I am concerned.

Any other time, I don't know that I would entertain the thought of having another roommate (being married would be a different story entirely). I tried that back in the day when I was poor and going through school. You have to deal with their habits and such (like having their 11 brothers and sisters over all at once for dinner). Financially, it is a sound idea for a lot of people, and most people can make the roommate situation work for them. I, however, like my own space. I know where most everything is in my apartment, and I never have to worry about a roomie's Neanderthal boyfriend coming over to vegetate on my couch, eat my food, and make really, really retarded comments while trying to sound like their IQ is over 70. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. It's impossible to set limits when the other party is paying half the rent, as some of my more unfortunate friends have discovered.

On the up side, my mother has hinted at the possibility of Mom-Cooked Meals...of which I currently only get on holidays. She might also be handy for cleaning and walking the dog. Not to mention I can show her some really neat places in the area, not to mention assist her in her quest to find KC's Most Perfect Margarita. She will need someone to drive her.

But I draw the line at buying another sombrero.

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