Friday, July 29, 2011

Nurse Follies: Dr. Dumbass

Breaking in new doctors...gotta love it! I especially like the foreign ones that come with their own sense of entitlement and loathing of women.

Dr. Dumbass: Someone paged?

Me: Yes, I'm calling about Sally Sweetwater. She currently has a blood pressure of 220/112.

Dr. Dumbass: Is the patient symptomatic?

Me: Aside from the massive headache, no. She has not stroked out...yet.

Dr. Dumbass: Well, go ahead and give them some Tylenol.

Me: Fine. Now, what about something for the blood pressure?

Dr. Dumbass: No, just the Tylenol.

Me: You do realize that they have a history of stroke?

Dr. Dumbass: Um, yeah. Just give them the Tylenol. Their headache will go away and their blood pressure will come down.

Me: Ok. I'll be calling you again when I page the Stroke Team.

Dr. Dumbass: In my country, you would speak to me with more respect.

Me: In my country, you are an idiot.

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bobbie said...

Dear heavens ~~~