Saturday, December 03, 2011

You Know What Sucks About Being Single?


You meet a guy. Talk and talk and get to know him. Then, decide to go out on an official date. The date is good. The guy is great. You really like him. You really want to get to know him more. You wonder if the feeling was mutual.

Then the evil self-doubt monster rears his ugly head and tells you why he probably didn't like you. Why he will just go find someone else better suited to his tastes. So all day, you wrack yourself with worry. You try to relax and remind yourself that while this appears to be a great catch, there are other fish in the sea if this one doesn't work out. By the end of the day, you have a raging case of indigestion and your blood pressure is reaching Stroke Status.

I hate dating. I'd rather eat drywall, sit at home, and watch Top Chef. But then, how am I supposed to find someone who will be my champion, kill my spiders and take out the garbage on Mondays??

But I do miss having someone there. Miss the cuddling and kissing. Shared jokes. Putting yourself out there is hard. It's easier to just not do it. But at least no one can say I didn't try.



bobbie said...

Love that you're back ~ and in fine fettle! I also love that JoJo is in a perfect place now ~
LMBO @ the "best friend" post ~ brought back all those nasty times!

Bill the Painter said...

First, drywall tastes like shit, don't eat it!

Unless you can actually READ HIS MIND, you have no idea what he is thinking! If in doubt....ask him!

Not only are you not giving yourself enough credit, you're not even giving him a chance to show his feelings.

Relationships take time! In my experience, there is no "love at first sight." and if there is, its usually short-lived.

Take your time, you have plenty of it.

I can kill spiders and take out rates are pretty reasonable.

Merry Christmas!