Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tom Cruise is a big, fat weiner

Matt Lauer should have taken him out right then and there during the interview...and no one in America would have blamed him. Tom, it would appear, is a self-proclaimed expert on psychiatry, medications and all the physiological functions of the neurological system. He only acts in movies so he can pay his dental bills. Everytime I hear about that man, his becomes more and more the world's biggest jerk. I'm officially boycotting anything Tom Cruise. He gives me the creeps anyway.

No wonder he has to go out and marry someone half his woman worth her salt would put up with a guy like that. Either Katie is that dumb, or she just can't past the fact that "Tom Cruise loves me!"

There are people out there who have real issues with body chemistry, and meds do help them. By Dr. Tom going on his big PR tour touting his pay-as-you-progress cult and its, ahem, virtues...he is playing a very dangerous game because out there somewhere, there is someone who is going to listen...and it is going to be met with very dire consequences. Brook Shields was totally right when she called him to the mat for his post-partum depression remarks.

I think Tom has ADHD, and is in serious need of Ritalin...and a Valium salt lick...and a psych eval.

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RCH said...


I'm wondering now why didn't I write a Tom Cruise rant.... But the moment has passed. Though of course it probably won't be long before some other asinine remark escapes his tiny-man lips and I'll get another chance. ;-)

I hereby join you in your boycott of all things Tom Cruise.