Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who Does This??

One of the girls I work went out to her car the other day, and was greeted with one missing tire. Apparently, her robbers only needed one, because that's all they took, leaving her car propped up on a wooden block.

Is the economy so bad that people have to resort to this?? I hate people who do this kind of crap...steal from people who work really hard to get what they have, only to have some pinhead skulk over in the middle of the night and help themselves to what they didn't earn, and not theirs.

This girl is probably one of the sweetest girls you could ever meet, so it really sucks that this happened to her.

And for that reason, I can only hope the tire blows out while car is being driven down 435, flips over, and the robbers end up with limbs missing.

Or they can just burn in the car fire.


IDigSmartLadies said...

My vote is burn. They'll lose a limb, then claim SSI, and then we'll all have to pay to keep them flush with pork rinds and frito pie.

Nora said...

They should totally burn. That happened to my boss in HIS OWN DRIVEWAY! He went out to go to work, and ALL 4 of his tires were missing. He had to have the car towed to get new tires. And this is in a quiet residential neighborhood. People suck.