Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Girl's Got Needs!!

Lucy has been acting funny lately. She chatters in her kennel. And by chattering, I mean it's not a bark, and not a whine either.

It finally occurred to me that she could be in heat.

This might explain why she pounces on Sam each morning when I let them out. Sam, who has been fixed since he was a little boy, clearly has no idea what to do with the ladies. Bewildered, he just looks at her, then me, then her, almost as if pleading for me to save him from the wanton trollop.

Then, she routinely flops over onto her back with her legs in the air. May as well attach a sign to her ass that says, "Free! Help yourself!!" And she has that look.

You know that look. You see that look in the eyes of countless females at the Power and Light District.

I have since scheduled an appointment to get her girly parts fixed.

Meanwhile, I'm going to have a talk with her. Just because she's not getting her needs met, doesn't mean she needs to act so desperate. She can take a page from my book and GET SOME SELF CONTROL.Damn horndog.


Nora said...

Before I got her fixed, my cat Salem used to follow my ex around the house howling, rubbing on him, and trying to get him to scratch her ass. It was hysterical. Then I got her fixed. I swear to god, she never howled again. She doesn't even meow. She squeaks. I think she's afraid I'll rip her insides out again.

MLee said...

LMAO.... the poor tramp

Spyder said...

She's very cute!