Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nurse Follies: Why I Refuse to Work in th ER

Because I'd slap this woman halfway through the conversation. My hats off to those who do work in the ER. Generally, people like this aren't admitted (unless, according to the recently published Harvard Study, you have insurance), but occasionally one slides through the cracks and they get to have me for their nurse. People like this make nurses re-evaluate why they became nurses in the first place. Some doctors, too.

And you wonder why you have to wait four hours to be seen in the ER? It's schmucks like this that hold up the line. I wish I could say that patients like this are rare, but they are not. There's enough of them to spawn an entire race. Skin-color irrelevant. They belong to the drug-seeking demographic.

(Shamelessly poached from Dr. Grumpy, who poached it from someone else. Go check out Dr. Grumpy's blog!!)


me said...

Too funny, and TOO true!!

AtYourCervix said...

That's hysterical!!

PS - my word verification was 'blogret'

kate said...

I spent a good 8 1/2 hours in an ER in Kansas City a few months ago just before I had surgery to take out my broken gallbladder. I sat there FOR. EV. ER. and got to see quite the side-show of crazy, drunk, drugged out and just plain insane people march through (my personal favorite? The girl who looked like she was maybe all of 13 who was out of her mind on meth who kept trying to wrestle with the HUGE cop that had her handcuffed). It probably would've been much funnier had I not been convinced that I was going to die :) Working in health care is a trip.