Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snowgasm My Ass

I'm somewhat amused by the panic that this "blizzard" has created. Every time I see the 2-3 inches of snow on the ground.

I spent my early childhood in Denver, Colorado. I was there when the worst blizzard on record for Denver occurred on Christmas Eve. I remember waking up Christmas morning, looking out the window and seeing our entire neighborhood buried in snow. Buried. You couldn't even see where the cars were parked. Later that day, Dad and the manly men of the neighborhood got out and shoveled little paths from house to house. Like a maze.

As far as us kids were concerned, it was the best Christmas break. Ever.

So bring it on, Mother Nature. I've seen worse.

Bring it!


kate said...

I'm all for piles and piles of snow as long as I don't have to go out and, like, DO anything in it. I would've been all kinds of "I love snow" had I been able to sit in bed with my dog and a cup of coffee this morning instead of driving in to an empty doctor's office ;)

Shicho said...

i was living on Pearl, east of the Aztec theater on Lincoln, when that one hit. Both my roommate at the time and my b.d.s fell around Xmas so we laid in a huge pile o' food and booze and ivited every other single we knew --which was a fucking lot -- to come celebrate with us.

holy crap, we ended up feeding the neighbors for the next week on that stuff. i don't know hos small you were back then but McNichols didn't get the streets -- main streets, Colfax, Lincoln, 16th & 17th streets, COlordao Blvd -- cleared for over a week. Which is what did him in: Feddy and the Dreamers swept into the Mayor's office that Spring and never looked back.

Why, you could blame that snowstorm for all those farmers up north getting hosed on their land to build DIA, which put Feddy in line for the Cabinet position in the Clinto WH...

Funny thing, snow...