Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Blathering Blonde

One of my truly bestest friends in the whole wide world, Kant, is reconsidering her packrat ways and perhaps doing a major restructuring of her life in the physical sense. Many a business have cropped up offering to help simplify your life in terms of junk around the house. Handy...I've been attempting to do this very same thing since I finished nursing school, and I have actually made some headway. I'm sure my neighbors await with sadistic glee to see what else I am pitching into the garbage bin. Honestly, who needs two vacuum cleaners anyway??

As of lately, I've been hiding out at Nebraska Furniture Mart, waiting for that next great bargain. Instead of an apartment that looks at though a poor college student lives in it, I'm going more for an apartment that looks as though it is inhabited by a working professional. Nothing ostentatious, but everything simple...and matching. Lately, I've become obsessed with my spare bedroom, which until now has been used mostly for storage, and Sam's kennel. I tossed out a lot of junk, moved much to a storage shed to be gone through later for prospective Ebay auctions. I visited NFM and dropped a wad of dough on a new daybed, a white computer armoire, and am planning on painting my old dresser white to white dog will even match the room. After giving much thought, I realized my guest room/office is now the bedroom I had always wanted when I was a teenager. My daybed will be filled with pillows so I can have my little reading alcove to pour over great books. My computer workstation so I can create a great book of my own.

But I digress.

As Kant says, being organized is somewhat of a lifestyle change. I'm sort of an obsessed organized person at work...not so much at home. Instead of everything in its place at home, I prefer to have an everything in its place sort of life. Every relationship, interpersonal or otherwise, has its own place and distinct purpose. Everything has a point. Everything is simple. Only my job is complicated, but when I clock out and walk out of those double doors, the hospital ceases to exist. I don't have a ginormous circle of friends...quality, not quantity. Each relationship unique and special to me. Lately, even some of my relationships have become complicated, or just painfully one-sided...and it is driving me nuts. I guess I should, as my friend Woody sometimes says, "Fish or cut bait."

I've been considering taking a travel nurse assignment after the first of the year...probably to someplace where it doesn't snow. It's a big step, and wildly go where no one knows you and establish roots all over again...even if it is for 3 months. However, I am 30...and already most of the people I have known in life have gone on to settle down, have families and so on. Sometimes, I can't help but feel as though life has passed me by...even though I am told by some friends that they are envious that I have the freedom to come and go as I please with little obligation.

So maybe all my problems would be solved if I did a decluttering of life...again. I have an old microwave cart I need to pitch anyway.

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