Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So Excited, I'm Going to Piss Myself

Well, maybe not to that extreme. Or maybe.

Keeping with the tradition that I am usually the last to hear about anything, I just learned that Guitar Hero is coming out with a game based exclusively on Metallica. Sometime before the end of March, but just in time for my birthday.

The only person who I think will be more excited at this prospect (the game, not my birthday), will be Brother.

I'm almost tempted to go wake him up just to tell him about it.



gmcountrymama said...

Absolutely wake him up.
And some comments for your previous posts...
Was it Tire Warehouse,nothing but idiots, ones not afraid to kill you, work there.
I'll sign the Santa list. We too had nothing but crazy people patients,and shitloads of them, on Xmas!

Candice said...

Hopefully it's the old Metallica songs loaded on that game. I think the new stuff sort of suuucks.

BTW, wipe once you are done pissing yourself please wipe front to back. . . once or twice will suffice. ;)

Candice said...

Jesus. My medication is clearly still in effect. I can't write a clear and concise comment to save my ass.

I'm going to go and drool on mysel now.


Inked Asshole said...

I think the New album is a work of art. No less than 60 times have I listened to it.