Sunday, January 04, 2009

Well Ain't That Just a Happy Crappy!

My tire has been going flat as of late, so Saturday, I dropped it off at the tire place. When it was ready, they called Mom so I would not be disturbed.

One new tire for a PT Cruiser...$130.

So, imagine my, uh, chagrin this morning when I got off work, came out into the buttass cold parking garage, to find that same tire flat.

Flat! Flat! FLAT!!!!

Pissed, I called Mom, who came and picked me up from work. Mr. Recommendation has an air tank we are going to fill and take with when they take me back to work tonight. I can only hope the retarded Parking Nazis don't ticket my car for taking up choice parking during the daytime.

And in the morning, I'm going to go blow the roof off of the tire place.

There are some moments that I encounter people in the business sector that provide service so heinous, that I wish they could come visit me on my turf, so I could give them a taste of their own medicine.


Rachel said...

Oh crap! A pissed off nurse when you're injured...NOT good.

Candice said...

I'm no psychic, but I sense a good ass reaming coming to somebody at the tire place. A well deserved ass reaming.

Have fun with that.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Doesn't it seem strange that the "new" tire would go flat? I would think either they didn't give you a new tire (in which case I think I would not only blow the roof off the tire place, but also take some legal action) OR someone is flattening your tire at work. Let us know what happened.

Anonymous said...

I just put 4 new Yokohama tires on my car. Bought them online, had Wal-Mart install them, then took the car over to TiresPlus for an alignment.

After they were done and charged me $75 bucks, the guy says something is wrong with my car and it pulls hard to the left even though it is "aligned." They say they now need to put a "shim" on one of the wheels for an additional $60 to correct the problem. I'll pay the $60 and see if it works. If not, I'll raise hell/dispute the charges and take the car elsewhere to find out if anyone in KC actually knows how to do an alignment these days.

Spyder said...

hmmm might be the rim is bent & it wasn't the tire after all.