Saturday, March 28, 2009

All Hat, No Cattle

I went to work last night, the weather community predicting a blizzard to world-ending proportions.

So, all night, patients and nurses a like stared out the windows, waiting for the first snow to fall. It never happened. We were rewarded by crappy rain in the morning.

Now, we have freezing rain over snow, which makes for a nice, slushy mess. Should make for a fun drive to work.

The weather community is doing all kinds of back-pedaling. They promised me 6-10 inches last night. What I got was 2.5 inches. Of snow.

I've known guys like this.

I'm going to use someones idea of weather predictions via Magic-8 Ball. The ball is just as accurate.


Melinda said...

They don't do it nearly as bad here in Bloomington, and I'm grateful. I don't miss the hooha a bit!

Candice said...

2.5 inches sure beats 6-10 inches.... Of snow, that is.

Kate said...

I'm in KC, too, and found the grocery store to be almost comical on Friday evening. I made the mistake of swinging by a the store on my way home from work only to find panicked masses scrabling to get the last box of Captain Crunch before the snowy Armageddon showed up...everyone in KC should learn that if the weathermen predict flurries, we're going to get a blizzard. If they tell us that the world is going to end, we're going to get, like, 3 snowflakes.