Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recent Developments

Mom just called. Brother and Co. are currently en route to the hospital. The pending beebs is engaged, the cervix is nice and soft (meaning baby ready), the water has broke, and the contractions are coming. morning, I could have a new niece to spoil rotten. Mom is probably more excited about it than anyone...Grammas. Go figure.

I went to the doc today, and I have bilateral ear infections and possible sinus infection and my Eustachian tubes are still blocked (collapsed). Sweet! So, I got a more meds to clutter up my medicine cabinet with.

Nothing to report. Hopefully, I won't be pulling an all-nighter.


Tony said...

Sounds like fun and a hassle all at the same time. Good luck!!!

me said...

OUCH!!! and congrats, Auntie!!!