Thursday, March 18, 2010

Better Luck Next Time!

So, I didn't win the blog makeover giveaway thingie. Oh some, lose some. I went to check the winner to see what their blog was about. Well, I really couldn't tell you what it was about...I fell asleep part way in.

Night shifters...we're so unreliable.

At any rate, I guess we are stuck with the white (or rather, off-white, or maybe more grayish than white) on black until I can procure my own blog master (or mistress) that won't charge me my left kidney for a complete overhaul. Or even someone who can be paid in sex toys. Money is so common...why not be compensated with the gift that keeps on giving!

That being said, I am still holding my Pleasure Chest Giveaway. Now, I am opening up entries for whomever wants to enter. The ones who selfless pimped my blog, you get three extra entries, which puts you at a definite advantage.

I've been putting together the Pleasure Chest, and I must say that it's looking pretty good. I tend to overdo with things like that...which can only mean good things for the winner.

So, if you want to enter, just leave a comment. And I will announce the big winner on my birthday...March 21, which used to be the First Day of Spring, until some asshole scientist decided that the first day of spring was March 20. Whatever. In my book, the first day of spring will always be on my birthday. How else am I supposed to remember when it is when I'm a senile senior citizen?

I didn't do anything spectacular for St. Patrick's Day. I thought about going out with the masses of asses and drink green-colored beverages so I can have green urine later. But then, I remembered I'm not Irish, and I have a birthday I need to save my reserves for. Instead, Mom and I enjoyed Mongolian BBQ. Because nothing says Happy St. Patrick's Day like a steaming plate of stir fry.

Time to go to bed...I've got work to prepare for!!


me said...

I tried for ya!!!

IDigSmartLadies said...

Bummer you didn't win. I'm sure to stop reading your blog because of the insipid color scheme.

P.S. Can I still have an entry for the toys?

Bill the Painter said...

I pimped you as well. Not that I need toys (that's my job!) sometimes it can make things a little more interesting....until she prefers them to me.....on second thought......

Keep up the interesting content!

His Girl Again said...

I wonder if I did it wrong. So clueless, I think I pimped you to yourself. How embarrassing.

Logtar said...

Well... depending on what you want I can help out :) you know how to get a hold of me. I require no payment.

A Librarian said...

I tried not to go out for St. Pat's Day this year and somehow found myself out-and-about anyway. Darn Irish friends:-)

Cogitator said...

Am I too late?