Friday, March 12, 2010

Wanted: A Kickass Makeover...And You Can Help!!

My colleague, Candice, has a totally awesome blog that I'm obsessed with. She is bitingly sarcastic, crude, funny, witty, and intelligent. I think we are related. It's probably good that she lives in Texas. So much awesome cannot be contained in one state. Just ask Chuck Norris.

More to the point, she got a nifty blog makeover. I found myself envious, because I'm not overly blessed with html-fu and can't craft an equally snazzy layout. Then, she announced a blog makeover giveaway and I got excited. Let's face it, the only thing eye-popping at GB is the title. I've already heard enough bitching about the white-on-black writing to give me hemorrhoids, to which none of my coworkers are willing to help take care of.

I think many of you would agree I think some sprucing up here. Not to toot my horn, but this blog has been linked from a few sites for new or aspiring nurses (the site was supposed to encourage them...I still don't know why my blog was linked as it would seem to have the opposite effect). This blog has been linked from Fark (probably the greatest moment in this blog's life). It's been linked from a couple national news sites. Plus, I am confident that it is the bane of a certain Extreme Home Makeover Recipient who is currently running for public office.

Such a special site should have a special look to go with it. Don't you agree?

Besides, Candice promises that I will get laid more if I get a new blog layout. Toys can only get you so far, people!

So, you may be wondering how you can help. (No, not by offering lay-services.)

Well, you can leave a comment as to why you think I need a new blog layout. Sure, you can go over to her site and enter for your own blog (and I will pretend to not notice). But by leaving a thoughtful and passionate plea, you will also have a chance at doing yourself a big favor.


Well, for everyone who submits a comment, they are entered into a drawing for a cache of toys so you can really do yourself a big favor later. And I'm not talking Legos. I almost feel like an idiot for having to clarify this point, but as sure as I sit here, someone is going to be wondering...these toys/accessories are new and unused.

Even if I don't win the contest, you still come out the winner. Over and over again. Hell, it could even prove an interesting evening for more than one person should you decide to share your spoils (if you are into that sort of thing...not that there is anything wrong with it).

Is this bribery? Perhaps. Am I shameless? Absolutely! But I've been meaning to have a toy giveaway, and this seems like a good kill-two-birds-with-one-stone opportunity.

To be entered, you need to leave a comment on this blog letting me know you pimped me out. On the 21st (my birthday!), I will take the names and make Indy draw one out of a hat. I will then send you an email and soon your prize will come in the mail. Not everyone can make the claim of having the ability to deliver orgasms to your doorstep. I can.

Good luck and may the schwartz be with you...and me as well!


Melinda said...


Happy Birth Month!!

How funny, my word verification is "hookers".

IDigSmartLadies said...

Consider yourself pimped.

Candice said...

Damn, you're brilliant!

Question. Do I get free vibes (yes, plural) if you win?

Or can I very least pimp you out on my own blog by trying to convince myself why you should win? Do I even get an entry at that point?

me said...

That would be a great birthday present for you!!
Good luck ~~~

Beckle the Freckle said...

Dearest, I have just pimped you twice. I hope you don't mind! ;) ROWR! (I's the best thing I've done for you since giving you syphilis.)

Throw my name in the naughty hat! Heheh...

Spyder said...

I love the nurse theme. Instead of black background maybe a chart.

Kevin said...

Good luck with the contest. You have one of the great blogs around

Bill the Painter said...

Done pimped ya! You blog is far more worthy of a makeover than mine!

Thanks for the entertainment!

His Girl not anymore said...

My blog isn't even a blog and it is and will always be blindingly pink so that nobody can stand to read it,so no makeover for me. Let's get you a makeover! I happen to like the black background white letters, though. PS want the prize want the prize want the prize.

GB, RN said...

I can grant an entry to Candace for pimping out my blog on her blog about my blog. Blog.

The toy prize cache is starting to look pretty sweet. Keep them entries coming!