Monday, March 22, 2010

I Didn't Forget!!

So, my big 35th birthday was Sunday. We had a group outing to Hamburger Mary's on Saturday because most people work on Monday morning. The plan was to go have dinner, then go to another location and burn the place down.

It would appear that Alzheimer's-Riddled Mother Nature had other plans and dropped 10 inches of snow on KC. Dinner went well (I will post a review later), the other half of my plan didn't materialize because the streets were shit.

I have issued a rain check for debauchery. Particularly on a night where there is no snow and the weather is pleasant.

Sunday, Mom and Mr. Recommendation treated me to a champagne brunch at V's (another review later), which was absolutely awesome, and probably the best brunch in KC.

Later, I had a nap. It was glorious. That evening, I got to hang out with a special friend. Aside from the weather, I'd say a good birthday weekend.

I'm 35 years old. Funny, I don't feel like I should be 35. No, not like those women who desperately cling to their youth by patronizing a plastic surgeon, and raiding their teenage daughter's closet. When I look in the mirror, I see the fine lines around my eyes and mouth as badges earned for enduring. I don't know what 35 is supposed to feel like, but it doesn't feel any different than 25. Age is just a number. Attitude is everything.

And you probably thought I forgot about my toy giveaway. I didn't. I'm not tech savvy enough to use one of those computer name things. Hell, I'm still looking for screenshots I saved last year. Instead, I wrote down the names, tossed them in the infamous purple boonie hat, and drew the winner. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Oh? You probably want to know who that is, huh??


Utah is in for a surprise drop of sex toys, because Beckle the Freckle has won the drawing. Wootness!! So, Beckle, you shall be getting an email from me, and I will be shipping you a box full of all kinds of naughtiness.

Just don't tell the Mormon church it was from me.


Xavier Onassis said...

Happy Birthday!

Tony said...

Happy B-Day Gurl!!!

Bill the Painter said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I've been to Hamburger Mary's (aka Gayburger) and had a great time!

Our service was excellent and the food was pretty good as well.

Beckle the Freckle said...

Happy Birthday and Wootness!! indeed! I can't believe I won! RCH informed me earlier and I nearly died laughing. I wonder what my Mom will say? OH my!

Candice said...

Happy belated birthday!!

His Girl Again said...

Happy Birthday! When I turned 35 it hit me really hard because I had been 28 for 7 years and at 35 decided to own my age because wanted to be a young looking 35 rather than an old looking 28. I started crying on the way to work and was eventually sent home by about 11 because I couldn't quit crying...sheesh