Friday, September 09, 2005

SBC Sucks

I thought I would call them today and see about getting DISH network bundled in with my SBC services. I have my phone and DSL through them, and it would be cheaper than getting cable. Besides, Mom likes to watch the boob tube.

So, I called SBC, and was put on hold FOREVER...only to be told that I don't qualify for the deal. Why not? "It is our policy to not install dishes in apartment complexes."

It's hard to see their point because everyone else in my apartment complex has a satellite dish. If I want satellite, I have to go through the DISH company and order it as a separate service. I should give them the finger and order cable instead.


As if it wasn't bad enough, the lady with SBC tried to sell me every other service that I did qualify for. Wireless service for when I go on vacation? Uhhh...when I go on vacation, around a phone or computer is the last place I want to be, considering I usually vacation in the Caribbean. What about turbo-charged DSL? Why? So I can get my online bills faster?? (It was $2 cheaper than my current DSL service, so I bought it...she caught me in a moment of weaknes.)

I'm just mad today, and I am not sure why. Everything is pissing me off. I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good. Maybe it's PMS. I need some chocolate.

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