Friday, September 09, 2005

Today at the Vet's Office

I just got home from taking Sam to the vet for his vaccination update...and nail trim. This guy in a tattered wife-beater shirt and haircut that reminds me of Harry's cut from Dumb and Dumber, decides to make overtures to the girl who is working the front desk. Behind the desk on the wall is a calendar for Rolling Acres, which is a really nice pet cemetary.

"This may be letting my dark side show," he drawls in an effort to look cool. "But isn't it funny that Rolling Acres calendar has pictures of live animals on it??"


He starts asking her about "Do you like your job" and "Do you work here full time?" and "I see you have Victoria's Secret Catalog". The girl laughs nervously. I try not to bust out laughing.

A vet tech brings out Harry-clone's dog, to which the Harry-clone says, "Maybe my dog will get sick again so I can come and see you." More nervous laughter from the girl at the desk. Harry-clone leaves. The tech brings Sam out, who I am sure has repented for whatever bad thing he thinks he did to warrant a visit to the vet's office.

"He's right, you know." I tell the girl. "That calendar would make more sense if it had dead animals on it."

I'm such an ass.

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