Friday, September 16, 2005


I worked last night, and one of my coworkers was lamenting an ex-boyfriend, whom after a long period of not hearing from him, has suddenly started calling and making overtures for a reconciliation. She wanted the advice of her coworkers. She told us about the nature of their relationship, the reason of the breakup (the standard reason for a lot of breakups...they couldn't keep their pants on around other girls). It was interesting to see how the youger girls would romanticize everything, while the older, more sage women with experience looked at the situation with a more critical eye. I being one of those people. Naturally, she favored the ones who told her what she wanted to hear. She was in love, and her mind was made up.

I am always amazed at what some women will settle for in a man. Women who are confident on the outside, but self-doubts so internal that they think they can do no better, that no truly magnificent person would ever love them, that no other oppotunities would ever present themselves down the road. I used to be one of them. I dated some real asshats in my day, and a lot of them had HUGE character flaws, of which I would overlook because "I loved him and he said he was sorry". Some people would think I am jaded, maybe even bitter. I don't think so. I have simply come to a point in my life where I know that life is too short to settle for something I have to make monumental compromises and excuses for. There are certain things one should never compromise on: trust, honesty, integrity. If I never get married, I'm comfortable with that.

There are worse things than being alone. I would much rather be a single woman hanging out with friends, than being in a committed relationship, and feeling the horrible anxiety that comes with knowing that at that exact moment, the person you love is probably with someone else.

My best friend recently split with her boyfriend...for the second, and hopefully final, time. I wish I could say I was disappointed. I wish I could say that. Coming out of an emotionally intense relationship is always a hard thing, but time heals all wounds...and I think she will be better and stronger for this experience. I think in the future, she will look back, and wonder just what in the hell was she thinking at the time, and she will be grateful she made the break. She is a good catch for any man, and if they are too dumb to realize that, or even take her for granted...then they are not worthy enough to lick the bottom of her shoes. And that is how I feel about the matter.

Now, I am tired and I am going to go to bed.

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Kathryn said...

Thanks always know what to say to make me feel better.