Thursday, September 29, 2005

Various Wedding Blather

This week has a theme. Ironically, it involves one marriage falling apart, and one beginning.

My little brother has announced that his second marriage is now gone down the crapper. He and his wife had been separated for a couple months now, and from what we knew, had been working to patch things up. Turns out, Mike has been really the only one working as he discovered that Mrs. P had a new boyfriend. Now, Mrs. P is a rotten little ho and he's going to divorce her. He is now vowing to ever get married again. I can understand Mike being jaded and bitter, but he really needs to date girls who are at least old enough to legally buy a lottery ticket. I don't know of too many 19 year olds outside the church who are serious about being married. Sure, its fun and cute to plan a wedding and play house...but the newness of being responsible wears off and gives way to parties, drinking and appearing on Girls Gone Wild. I know that Mike will marry again, hopefully next time, he will chose more wisely.

Saturday, I am attending a wedding for a friend I went to school with. It's a Catholic affair. I don't know if it is the full mass or not. A friend of mine is going with me because somewhere it is written that you must never attend weddings by yourself. It's sacriligious to show up at an event celebrating coupleness alone. Fortunately, my friend is Catholic, so I will know when to sit, stand and kneel. Afterwards, there is a full meal-deal reception. You don't see those too often anymore. Usually it's just a buffet featuring pigs in a blanket, and watermelon boats.

Today, I have to go see the doctor because my foot has been huring me for the last 2 weeks. I think I may have a stress fracture as I was leaping in the med room to reach something way up high. The world discriminates against short people. You never hear of the ACLU defending the rights of people 5 feet and under. Gary Coleman could be our spokesperson. We could have our own special colored rubber band bracelets to wear.

Why not the Oompa Loompas??

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Kathryn said...

You crack me up. You're right about being short..sometimes it really sucks. Hope the foot gets better.