Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tis the Season

So, I am at work. The songs of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory keep running through my head. Imagine trying to insert an IV with "Augustus Gloop" ringing in your ears.

I talked with Mike (the lawyer, not the brother) earlier this evening and he was just finishing up tree-trimming festivities with his two daughters. He said that all the ornaments were on the lowest part of the tree, on one side. This makes sense because little kids can't reach any higher. I laughed as I heard excited squealing in the background. I imagine this time of year is exciting when you are a parent.

When I was a kid, I looked forward to Christmas. Now that I am an adult, Christmas doesn't hold nearly the magic for me. I'm fairly certain a couple bad experiences are to blame, not to mention I have no children of my own to fawn over (but this year I do get to buy for my newly-adopted nephew). I remember as I child, that certain smell that would come from the box of Christmas decorations. I occasionally smell it when I go to a craft store and walk down their decoration isle, and it takes me back to the days when I still believed in Santa Claus.

We used to put up the tree at the beginning of December with great excitement. Now, I can't even work up the enthusiasm to erect a tree. Oh, I find room, crazy dog, I live alone. I own a 7 foot pre-lit and fiber optic tree that I bought after Christmas one year. The damn thing is so heavy, and takes more than one person to assemble...but it is really pretty when it is decorated.

My mother used to say that "Christmas is for kids". I'd hate to think that is true, but sometimes it sure seems that way. I wish I could again feel the magic and the excitement of the holidays. It's not even about the whole gift-exchanging thing. In all the commercialism of the holiday, the message and the feeling has been lost.

Mom is planning on decorating my patio, but no mention of a tree. I should put up a tree this year. After talking with Mike, I thought maybe I could invite some kids over to decorate my tree. Kids love that sort of thing. I could pay them in freshly baked cookies and hot chocolate. Kids also love that sort of thing. But kids today are very smart. They would probably detect anything fishy.

I should also order pizza.

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