Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Family Blather

Monday night, we found out that my brother was having a disagreement with the missus. Mom and I wondered what they could be fighting about. Tuesday night, he elaborated.

For Valentine's Day, my brother gave his wife a pair of earrings to the tune of $300. She was wearing them to the hospital when she was going to have Peanut, but the docs made her take them off prior to surgery. The nurses taped the earrings to some paper, and secured them inside a drawer in the room. (Had it been me, I would have sent the earrings to the hospital vault for safe keeping, but I digress...)

The c-section goes without incident, and everyone returns to the room. Surprise, surprise...the earrings are gone. So, some nurses as well as my brother and Kelli's sister tear the room apart looking for the earrings. They were never found, and until now, it was just assumed that someone from the hospital took them.

Until now...

I guess Kelli's sister came over to their house the other day actually wearing the very exact earrings. John and Kelli didn't mention anything to her at the time, but they will. The disagreement stems from how they are going to approach her. No matter what tactic they use, she will deny it, and there will be contention. Also, stealing is not new for this woman as she has stolen from her son's girlfriend. She also works for Sam's Club in St. it stands to reason that she probably steals from them as well.

If that doesn't scream White Trash, I don't know what does. My brother spends money on something he really couldn't afford, and this loser just comes along and takes it while her younger sister is in the surgical room. Tacky, tacky, tacky!!

If it were me, I would just call the police and be done with it...but I am an asshole. I would make life very, very hard for the theif in question. You don't steal from your own family.

I told my brother that Kelli's sister is not welcome into my house because I can't nail everything down. Mom and I have decided that if we go anywhere, and she is in the vicinity, our valuables are getting locked into the car.


Jared said...

How dumb do you have to be to steal earings from your sister and then wear them back to her house?

RCH said...

I'd just steal them back.