Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yay for the PT!!

I finally got my trusty car back. I took the rental, a lovely Nissan Murano, back from whence it came. I was sad to see it go, until I remembered it cost almost $50 to fill the tank before I took it back. Plus, it had Johnson County plates on it, and I felt my driver's IQ drop by 10 points everytime I started. I was compelled to engage in naughty driving habits like not using my turn signal, cutting people off, and driving like an overall idiot.

So, good-bye, Murano, in the past 3 weeks I have known thee, I'm afraid my affair with you must end. You are too high maintenance, and my one and only PT has come home.

I'm such an auto whore.

The manager of the rental place recognized me immediately. Oh, look, the Surly Lady, he must have thought. I'm not sure why he did it,but he gave me a card good for 20% off my next rental PLUS a free upgrade. Maybe it's because he had a weakness for crabby redheads.

I picked up my PT, but visually scrutinized it before I drove her home. I blanched when I saw part of the blue pinstripping had not been replaced. So, now I have to call Adjustor Guy on Monday and find out why. And for some reason, my satellite radio isn't working. The outside is a nice, shiny black, and when you sit in it, you can still smell the paint.

Which put me in a relatively giddy mood by the time I arrived for work.

However, there is evidence that grubby mechanics had been in my car. That will be fun to clean off, plus I need to figure out how they molested my satellite radio.

Overall, I am glad to have my car back, and now I am $700 poorer. Sure, the PT doesn't have the power the Murano had, but it is better on gas, and I will have the last laugh at those beady-eyed little soccer mom's as they are filling up their SUVs at Quick Trip.

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Marti said...

So happy for you to have your car back! Hope they get the pinstriping error fixed OK.

I’m still fighting WordPress at the new blog, but decided I needed to swing by blogroll buddies and say howdy!

Hope you have a terrific weekend - the weather in the KC area is spectacular!