Thursday, April 13, 2006

One Less Thing to Have to Worry About

I have been somewhat worried about the whole hotel debacle for our precruise stay. Thus far, the cruise coordinator of our group has yet to hear anything from the asshats at Ramada, which makes me think they are trying to ignore us in hopes that we will just go away. So, I did what any girl in my position would do...

I cried to my mother.

Being the nurturing maternal type she is, she contacted one of her good friends (who happens to be a travel agent) to see if there was anything else available. After a day of searching, Renee finally found me a hotel in Boca Raton (some 24 miles north of the airport) at a fraction of what the crappy Ramada wanted to gouge me for, plus she secured me a rental car at no additional charge.

It pays to have connections.

I have to remember to buy Renee something fun while I am on my trip because she is the most awesome travel agent to roam the land. I'll go to her for any of my travel needs. What to bring? I will be visiting Tortola...home of Bicardi Rum. Or maybe some Jamaican coffee...

Meanwhile, I referred some of my fellow cruisers her way in hopes that Renee can work some mojo for them (sans the free rental car).

So, if anyone out there is looking for a travel agent, email me and I can send you Renee's email.

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