Saturday, April 01, 2006

Work Errors in Your Favor - Collect $1500

I've been stewing about this for the past year.

When I reached my 1 year anniversary, I was told by another nurse that all the new grads got two separate raises. One promotional for us making it to somewhat seasoned nurse status. The second one a mandatory cost of living increase. Much to our dismay, we only got the former. Bosshole was relatively new to the game, and I was met with a blank stare when I asked about the second increase.

Life went on, but I never forgot about that second raise.

At the dinner the other night, we started discussing the second raise. My suspicions, it turned out, were founded. However, everyone I talked to also claimed they received no such raise either. The cost of living increase was the equivalent of Bigfoot. Everyone had heard stories about it, but no one had actually ever seen one.

I emailed the Bosshole about my concerns, and he called HR. HR reports they are in the process of compiling a report of everyone who has missed getting raises. Mandatory raises. Housewide, affecting hundreds of employees, dating as far back as a year, sometimes more. Bosshole even remarked that he was shortchanged on a raise. When they figure things out, we will be getting backpay for what is owed. I figured mine out, and I should be getting something to the tune of $1500.

When you initially get your raise, it seems paltry on paper...but not getting it for an entire year can certainly add up.

The bitch is that it will count as income for 2006, putting me in a higher tax bracket. Great! As if Uncle Sam wasn't sticking it to me enough as it was.

With my newfound wealth, I plan on putting it all towards my Caribbean trip. So much for funneling it back into the American economy.

In other news, the asshats who run my apartment complex sent someone over to cut down the tree that shades my patio. Bastards. Now, I have no shade for the summer, not to mention the tree served as a good privacy tool to guard against the pot smokers that live in the building next door. They also cut down a pretty weeping willow that is next to my building. I don't know what they have against trees, but it really pisses me off.

I hate apartment life.

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