Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stupid JoCo People!

I just read a report that police arrested 20-some teens for drinking at a party. While teens drinking is not unheard of, the story should be enough to illustrate just how stupid Johnson county kids are today.

Police go to a Leawood home on a report of a wild party. They find teens drinking, give them a warning, and most the kids leave. Police deem the situation handled and leave.

Police are called again for the same house later that night and return to find that most the teens who had left, had returned, and were still drinking. Then, the arresting begins!

I find it somewhat amusing that after the po-po pay you a visit, you would even consider returning to the scene of the crime. The teenage girl who was hosting the party is a tard for letting them back in. The parents (who were out of town at the time) are retarded for producing such stupid offspring. But this is Leawood we are talking about here...so it should be no surprise that no one was called to the mat in the first place (had it been anywhere else, arrests would have been made the first visit, in addition to strip searches and drug sniffing dogs).

(On a side note: Leawood cops are not so generous as to give you a warning the first time you are caught going 2 miles over the speed limit. Nope...big, fat ticket for you!)

I'm sure the parents of the teenager will be thrilled when they get home. I think their anger won't stem from the fact that their teen had a party while they were away and was doing illegal things and stuff, but because it's all over the news, with the street address PLUS pictures of the house.

Oh, the shame and embarassment!!! Now everyone in KC knows what crappy parents they are.

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