Monday, December 11, 2006

Because Mondays Usually Suck

I sat in report with a nurse this morning when she got a call on her cell phone. Her daughter called to say that the family dog got out of the yard and was hit by a car that morning and died. The nurse was very distraught. The dog had been in the family for 12 years.

I thought about Sam and I thought about how sad I would be if that had happened to me. I may bitch about him a lot, but I also bitch about my brothers. You bitch about those you love.

Anyway...the asshole who hit the dog (which was a rather large one) just kept driving, even with the daughter standing right there.

So, if you are the douchebag who ran over the German Shepherd on Rainbow this morning and didn't bother to stop, I hope you contract an STD.

When I got home, I looked up the number of a pet cemetery not too far from my apartment and relayed this information to the nurse. After perusing the website of said pet cemetery, I must say I am now depressed.

I gave Sam an extra treat this morning and a scratch behind the ears.


martinoffroad said...

Not to sound callous, since I have never hit an animal before what exactly is a person to do if it hits and kills a dog or cat, how would stopping help the matter?

Annie said...'s called "compassion". It's recognizing that you've taken away someone's family member on accident. You should always stop to make sure whether or not the animal can be helped. You try to find the owner. If you can't, you take the dog to an animal hospital whether it's dead or alive. It's your responsibility as a driver.

Faith said...

I'm with annie. I once helped a woman move a dead kitty she'd hit off of Olympic Blvd in LA...very busy street, and it was a stray kitty, and it so was not her fault she hit the poor ran out too quickly for her to stop! But she still went around the block, and came back to it, stopping her car and putting on the hazard lights so we could move the poor thing to a grassy spot next to the sidewalk.

Anyway, it's about being responsible and compassionate. You're lucky you've never hit an animal, man. It really sucks. (I've only hit squirrels and one stray kitty myself, and I felt like crap about it...)