Friday, July 13, 2007

Blogger Meetup: July Edition

The July Meeting of The Kansas City Bloggers Who Occasionally Get Together To Drink Club*

July's Blogger Meet
Hosted by General Blather & My Spyderweb
Thursday July 26th at 5:00pm
All Import bottles $2
E Gregory Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64114

Hope to see everyone there. If not, you're a wiener.

"I'm just an attention whore here to feed my own ego. Thanks for stopping by, enabler."* *

*(I totally borrowed these from the brain of Cara...**and XO.)


"The D" said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! I know a blogger that lives right across the street from there!!!!

"The D" said...

HEY!! You already had a July meeting!

"The D" said...

And what is up with that phone number?

Xavier Onassis said...

D - you know someone who lives at SRO Video?!?


Good choice! I like The Stump (no homo).

I will also point out that two Raytown bloggers made the selfless choice to hold the next meet-up at a more central location.

I'm just sayin'.

Just be glad we aren't having this little get together at The Hangout.

It could happen.

"The D" said...

XO - i don't know what SRO video is and I don't want to know.

What's the Hangout? Is that the mens room? You know where all the peckers hangout.

Xavier Onassis said...

d - SRO Video is a movie rental place almost directly across the street from Gov. Stumpy's.

The Hangout is a sleazy little dive in Raytown.

Sassywho said...

Hey, I want to try to make this one before I'm back in the Ta for a few months.

Who's giving body shots tho?

Melinda said...

I'll think about it. Don't know if I can live with being a wiener.

Kristine said...

It's on my calendar. :)

Faith said...

Ok, I can't be there until 6, but I know where Stumpy's is! And it's not far from where I live! And I'm so excited I'll be using exclamation points on every sentence I type/say until next Thursday! (Ok, not really...but I AM excited...)

You guys can still talk about me, too, even when I'm there. I'm vain enough for shit like that to work in my favor.

Brad said...

Count me in!

Well Hell Michelle said...

Eric and I will definitely stop by the blogger shindig. I didn't get to the last one, so I'll make up for it be drinking twice as much on Thursday :)

JustCara said...

Wish I could be there but I'll be in Winnipeg. I'll make sure I can make it to the August one!