Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So I went and did laps last night at the gym. I snuck into the locker room, hastily changed into my suit, and crept into the pool area without being seen. I don't particularly like wearing swimming suits, and I really don't like being seen in one.

I got into the pool, which wasn't so cold that my nipples decided to run back into the locker room and hide in my gym bag. I was all alone. Sweet!! However, it was with great dismay that I saw the hot tub was closed. I don't know why.

I managed to do a couple laps before some specimen of a guy came in. He put on the little swimmers cap, goggles, and proceeded to blow me out of the water with his physical prowess in the pool. Lap after lap after lap. Ass. One thing did puzzle me, though. He had his head shaved...why did he need to wear the cap?? It was one of those little black caps with the American flag on the side with a number...sort of like what those Olympic swimmers wear. Perhaps I was sharing the pool with an Olympic swimmer (my gym does boast that it's the official gym of the U.S. Olympic team). Maybe he was into triathlons. Or maybe he was just a wannabe who wanted to stroke his ego by showing he could out swim the fat girl in the pool.

At any rate, he stayed on one end of the pool, and I the other. I didn't do a gazillion laps like he did. I just swam at my own pace. I don't think I over did.

Of course, I now can't lift my arms over my head this morning. Getting dressed is going to be loads of fun.


Marti said...

I like swimming too, but haven't gone in years - I envy you!

Hope the sore muscles will improve and not spoil your determination!

The bald guy with the swim cap is too funny! LOL

Best wishes for a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Man that sucks about the hot tub!

pomegranate said...

OH my gosh! Swimming is perhaps the one exercise I LOVE, one I wouldn't dread doing. I've been wanting to find a place around here to go.