Friday, July 06, 2007

Work It Out

I paid a visit to my gym last night, around first workout at this gym, and I mostly wanted to get a feel for the place. I gathered my water bottle, my towel, my iPod and set them on the counter. Got into the car and realized I forgot my keys in the house. Got my keys and started for the gym, only to realize that I forgot my water bottle. Thank goodness I remembered the iPod. That would have warranted an immediate turnaround. I just stopped by a gas station and bought a bottle of water.

The gym was pretty quiet, save for the crappy music they were playing. Again...thank the maker for the iPod. A few muscleheads or guys who think they are, a bleached blonde with fake boobs who was homesteading on the ab bench, a fat guy on the stairmaster that I watched carefully because I was convinced he was going to keel over with a massive heart attack. He was sweating profusely and physically draped over the handle bars. I made a mental note as to the location of the defibrillator.

Lucky me, my gym is also the same gym the Chiefs players work out at. I'm guessing the same goes for the cheerleaders. One girl with serious ghetto-booty and a fruity-looking guy were in the aerobics room going over some dance routine, which looked suspiciously like cheerleading-type moves. A cheerleader and the choreographer. I had a pretty good view from my stationary bike. Judging from the looks of the routine, the squad still hasn't improved much since I saw them perform last year.

I biked for 10 miles. Yay me. I tried one of those elliptical treadmills, and my gimpy knee actually stopped and demanded, "What's this bullshit!?!" I switched over to the regular treadmill, and walked a little over a mile before calling it good and going home. I decided that this workout was exclusively Cardio Day. The next time, will be Working With Weights Day. Swimming Day will be tossed in there as well as soon as I can figure out where I packed my goggles.


"The D" said...

Don't over do it, start slow and build from there. SET GOALS!

Kamizar Pootz said...

Titanium knees are da'bomb! The elliptical is about all I do. Works well with my knees once I found some rhythm.

Spyder said...

Yay you is right!

Anonymous said...

"...homesteading on the ab bench."

You always make me laugh!

Matthew said...

wanna make a chiefs related bet? our local blog wants to take on your blog (because its rad) in wager over the governor's cup game this thursday. if your team wins, we'll chnage our blog's theme colors to your team colors, and vice versa. st louis, represent! let me know @ skewgee at yahoo dot com should you choose to accept