Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One of Those Phone Calls

After three weeks and no word from the doc's office, I took it upon myself to call. I spoke with Nurse Betty, who has being vague down to a science.

CIN I -- mild dysplasia (a few cells are abnormal)
CIN II -- moderate to marked dysplasia
CIN III -- severe dysplasia to carcinoma-in-situ (cancer confined to the surface layer of the cervix)

I have all three.


Anonymous said...

So what does this mean? What do you do now? Besides watch me go kick Nurse Betty's ASS for blowing off calling you right away... Thinking all good thoughts for you...

Xavier Onassis said...

Okay, I'm no doctor, I don't play one on TV and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. So I don't know what this means except that it doesn't sound like what you were hoping to hear.

But as an ignorant lay person, I don't understand how all three things can be true at the same time. How can the results indicate "mild" and "severe" at the same time? That makes no sense to me.

False positive? Second opinion? Nurse Betty is an ignorant bitch who can't read test results and only has her job because she's boinking the doctor?

What's next and what can we all do to help?

I'm pretty sure I still have that speculum I made in high school shop class around here somewhere.

Seriously, just know that you are not alone and people out her care.


Heather said...

What the results mean: they apparently took three biopsies instead of the two. In my shock, I miscounted (or the doctor didn't want to tell me about the third one because it may have looked worse than the other two). Each biopsy was a different result, meaning I have the best of all three situations. Umm...woo...hoo.

I meet with my doc next week to go over our next plan of action.

Nurse Betty sounded old. I don't think it would be too hard to kick her ass. But then again, she is a nurse, and apparently been doing it for a while. She might have magic abilities we don't know about.

Thanks, guys!

Nightmare said...

Thats crappy. I'm not sure what it means since I don't have the same plumbing, but cancer and your Junk, should never be in the same sentence.

K2 said...

Sorry to hear all of that. Keep me in the loop Ok? Love and hugs to you. Sucks to stupid nurses. If I were you I would call and ask to speak to the office manager and tear a new one. There is no excuse for 3 weeks.

Tracy said...

That's a seriously crappy thing to have to deal with, I'm so sorry. And I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

You don't know me, but if total strangers are sending good thoughts for you too, things have to work out OK.

Spyder said...

Heather-That fucking sucks! Keep us posted. If there's anything we can do. Adding you to my prayer list. Yes, I have a prayer list. The thing works too!

Faith said...

Ok, why the HELL wouldn't they have called you to discuss that stuff with you? UGH!

I hope everything goes smoothly from here. From what I've been told (by my doctor...), they don't do the freezy-freezy thing anymore, but I had a friend (Ms. Pants of Maison Pants, in case you're interested in getting touch with her about this) who dealt with this stuff a little over a year ago, I think it was, and they used the freezing technique on hers.

pomegranate said...

Holy hug or somethin'.