Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Blather

Returned to the gym last night around 1am. A total of 5 people there, including the kid working the desk, and the little Hispanic guy power spraying the floor of the women's locker room. He didn't leave when I walked in, and just kept spraying. I stood there for a minute pondering if my need to pee was great enough to shoo the guy out. I opted to leave the restroom at that time. I could always come back when he was finished. Besides, I have the bladder of a nurse...and I can hold it for HOURS.

I had initially wanted to swim some laps, but I couldn't find my swim goggles, plus my legs were as hairy as Paul's (ND!). Granted, there was no one there to critique my Sasquatch stems, but ask any swimmer and they will tell you, body hair makes you less aerodynamic.

And so again with the 10 miles on the stationary bike, this time finishing five minutes faster (just in case you were wondering, I wasn't sore the day after my initial workout). I just watched Heroes on my iPod (I've got two more episodes left). Another mile on the treadmill, and I left. I still didn't go pee.

I decided to stop at the store and pick up some groceries, namely, the essentials of any kitchen: eggs, butter, milk. I like shopping late, but don't care for weaving in and out of boxes and the store workers who are trying to empty them. After I got home, unpacked, and loaded the dishwasher, it was almost 4am.

Tomorrow, I get to visit an actual gynecologist about Heather's Adventure Kingdom and it's malfunctioning main attraction. Hopefully, the buck stops with her, and I won't have to see a doctor with the word "Oncologist" after their name. I also get to go to a four hour class on stroke patients. One of the featured speakers is the Bosshole's wife. Added bonus!

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