Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday's Musings

Overall, not a bad weekend, aside from the fact that our floor was having a special on Code Browns. Little confused old people and poop do not mix. You're bound to walk in to some serious finger-painting.

People are just gross.

I came home and checked the mail that came in on Saturday. I found a letter from 98.1 KUDL. I don't listen to this station (Delilah makes me want to drown in my own vomit), so I wondered what it could possibly be. Inside, I found a gift card with a note. On my last outing with Indy, KUDL was there for part of a Sex and the City promotion. They were handing out free key chains and crap, and they had some drawings you could sign up for. Indy and I both filled out entries. I didn't know what the prizes were, but it never hurts when something is free. If it doesn't even interest you, you can always re-gift it.

Apparently, my name was drawn for $100 gift card to my most favorite restaurant. I did a little gimpy dance in the kitchen. Then, I called Indy to gloat. He was happy for my good fortune, and stated that he was also pleased that he could help me win.


Aside from the fact that was his not-so-subtle hint at also reaping the rewards of the much celebrated gift card, I was puzzled as to how he helped. While he did give me an entry form to fill out, he didn't pay for my meal. He didn't pick me up. And he managed to piss me off at the end of the night.

"Okay," I said. "I'll treat you to dinner sometime, but you will be required to put out."

I know he'll do just about anything for fish tacos and a Long Island Iced Tea. I might actually have a chance this time.

(So, Dan, while he may have gotten the porn flick, I got the $100 gift card. And in the end, I think I made out better.)

I'm pretty happy with the gift card. Hell, I'm just happy I actually won something. I haven't won anything since I won a bicycle when I was 9.

The knee pain has gotten worse, it's depressing. I can't even do a routine trip to the grocery store without having to ice my knee down upon returning home. To make things even better, I'm going with zero pain meds, save for the ibuprofen I take. Which is the equivalent of pissing on a California forest fire. It just doesn't work.

So, I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon this afternoon. I called last month and this Monday was the best they could do. This is standard for specialists, especially orthopedics. You call needing an appointment for Right Now!, and Right Now! to them is about a month later. Hurry up and wait. It's the name of the medical game.

I went to my appointment, had a series of x-rays, and got to meet with my new ortho doc. I have an MRI scheduled, but he tossed out an idea of having another reconstructive surgery, to the tune of tibial osteotomy. Recovery time...three months. One month would be non-weight bearing on that leg.

Oh. Hell. No.

I told him I'd like to avoid such a procedure (because death sounds better), so for now, we'll do the MRI, probably a scope, and then go from there. Ugh. Ideally, I'd like something to do the greatest amount of good, with the least amount of recovery time. Three months does not work for me. The last time I had that kind of recovery time, I ended up depressed, crying at random country songs on the radio. And telephone commercials.

Plus there was also that issue with constipation...


Suzy said...

"Three months does not work for me. The last time I had that kind of recovery time, I ended up depressed, crying at random country songs on the radio."

One month in (almost) and I'm already there. GROSS.

Spyder said...

Surgery scared of that!

Melinda said...

Have you had the steroid injection? It helped a friend of mine, but she's going to have that reconstructive surgery.

Ooh, I can't wait for the details on the puttin' out! He will put out, and you will share!!

Nightmare said...

Can I have your Pain Meds?

Marti said...

Lordy girl! I hope you can find a non-surgical way to fix the knee. Knee replacement is one of the many things grandma is recovering from and it is awful!
Sure have missed you, been so darned busy. Best wishes for better health!

Nuke said...

Country songs on top of surgery, you are a grade A masochist.

If you can't walk, and there isn't a non-surgical fix... well lets say my Mom had her knee replaced. The worst part, was my Dad had to bathe and dress her. I don't think he will come do that for you tho.

Hopefully there is another choice tho, and I'll cross my toes for you!

bobbie said...

LOL at the "putting out"!! Have a great dinner...

Ouch on the knee stuff ~ BTDT; big PITA.

Code browns never bothered me unless they were GI bleeders or tube fed ~ yucko!!

IDigSmartLadies said...

I don't think I've ever been treated to something with the requirement that I'd have to "put out" afterward. Then again, I've never made that same demand of a woman either.

/I know, doing it wrong, etc etc
//heh @ "fish tacos" and putting out in the same thought

Kristine said...

Wow - congrats on the $100 card! And glad you hate Delilah, too... reading her name in your post grossed me out more than the code brown thing. Best wishes regarding your knee.

Dan said...

General -
You know I love you, but your scoring system is totally screwed. He managed to dodge you on an evening when you were hormonal and raging, plus he got a porn video to entertain himself with, and now he gets a free dinner and a pretty-much guaranteed bumping of the uglies. This guy is on a winning streak like I've only read about, and he has you convinced that he "owes you" a pony ride.

I don't know him, but this guy should open a school for single guys.

Heather said...

First was lousy porn.

Secondly, the naked festivities are more wishful thinking on my part.

And last...he's going to earn his stripes when I have my knee surgery. Who do you think is going to be bringing me soup? And better porn???

Dan said...

Alright, you make some good points there!

Hey, let the blog group know when you're going under the knife. I'm sure a bunch of us would welcome the opportunity to inflict our best cooking on you . . .

Heather said...

I'm afraid of what The D might try to inflict upon me more than anything.

With the aid of some high-quality pain meds, I might even try Meesha's borscht.