Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday Blather

Overall, a decent weekend. I was so tired on Sunday, that I woke up at 4 in the afternoon and thought it was Monday, and therefor, wasn't making any plans to come into work. That would have been a disaster.

When I got home, I checked my emails and favorite message boards and discovered that a beloved member of the cruising community I belong to expectantly died this weekend. Her husband went to work, and when he came home he found her dead. Apparently, a massive heart attack.

She was a really nice lady, and I don't think she ever knew a stranger...only friends she hadn't met yet. I cruised with her a couple times, and her smile was easily recognizable. It's a damn shame, and she will be missed.

Yesterday afternoon, No-Nick Named Friend came over (I really, really need to think of a nickname for her). I wish I could say to visit me, but she just came to see Brother. They are sort of dating now. I like to take credit because I introduced them. I knew that they would hit it off, and I told her this over a year ago. I have a knack for matchmaking. If I had the kind of success in my own personal relationships that I did pairing other people up, I'd be married by now.

Tweener emailed me a bunch of pics from my birthday festivities. And no, I'm not going to post any of them. That's incriminating evidence, or as one other blogger noted, "They calls it blackmail!"

Right now, I'm just chillin'. Drinking my coffee, fortified with a fiber supplement. Not that I am irregular or anything, but I'm sure my cholesterol needs the hit. I have a nasty kitchen that needs tending to. I may as well the rest of the house while I am at it. I also have to finish putting the groceries away I bought on my late-night shopping excursion last night. I also bought three frisbees in my effort to teach a not-so-old dog new tricks.

Okay, the coffee is finished. Time for the work to begin. I'm not talking about the fiber. I have dishes that won't clean themselves.


Spyder said...

When you're done cleaning yours you can goo ver & do mine!

Nuke said...

And you may wanna loan the fiber supplement to Faith.

As for you're friends nickname, The ____ With No Name has a long and proud history. Why fight it?

Heather said...

It takes too long to type...