Thursday, February 19, 2009

GB Housekeeping

I've been doing some rearranging with my links there on the right side of the page. I've not deleted any...even though Toph hasn't blogged since last year and I constantly ride his ass about it. Okay, maybe not constantly. More like once in a while.

When I see him.

If I happen to think of it.

He has really good work stories to tell, much better than mine. Maybe if you go over to his blog and we nag him together, he'll start posting again. I've tried to entice him to come to blogger gatherings with the promise of beer, but to no avail.

I moved some of the out-of-town folks where they belong. Added a couple. Anticipating moving one out-of-towner back to the local section as soon as she moves her ass back to KC.

So, if you don't see your link, let me know and I will add it. I used to click on every single link to check for updates. That is, until I found the wonderment that is the Google Reader.

On a side note, the shower is now completed, and my inaugural shower was everything I had imagined it would be. Brother calls the new shower ridiculous...too many nozzles for such a little space. Hah! I suspect he'll be sneaking in there to try it out some night while I'm working. Indy is already planning a day where he gets really dirty in his backyard, only to come over to use my shower later. My shower is going to the new hotness of KC. Everyone is going to want to visit.

I'll post pictures of the shower here shortly.

Later, dudes...

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