Saturday, February 28, 2009

On This Snowy Saturday...

Getting home from work was LOADS of fun. All roads, including the interstate, were untouched. Some assclown decided that when there is snow on the ground, red lights are merely a suggestion and almost plowed into me as I was crossing the intersection.

I-70 caked with snow, and not a plow is sight. However, there was the tool in the Ford truck who defiled it by putting low-profile dubs on his POS. Then had the audacity to wonder why his truck was spinning in circles in the middle of the interstate. He deserved a pecker slap just for doing that to an F-150, and rust holes big enough to fit my head through.

Let's not mention the 4 car pile up on I-70.

Or what about almost getting run off the road by a snow plow on Blue Ridge because he wouldn't get in his own fucking lane when he saw an oncoming Douche!

A city that works? My ass!!!


m.v. said...

I-35 sucked just as bad, car spun out in front of me, several accidents, stalled semi,etc. Wasn't plowed either

Hyperblogal said...

My street has not been touched.... but that's normal. Never mind that there's a school at the end of the block.

Uno Kidney said...

Boise sold...SOLD their snow plows a few years back when things were mild. SOLD them. Whatevs!! So we get snow, then more and more and it packs down into a nice sheet of ice on all the roads except for like three.
Sold them!!