Monday, February 09, 2009

Somethings to Be Excited About

The master shower remodel is coming along swimmingly. Instead of a big, gaping hole filled with old insulation, a 50 foot chain with no purpose, and a myriad of little wasp nests, I now have an enclosed shower with customized tile job. Monday will be Grout Day. Wednesday will be Seal the Grout Day. Thursday will be Install the Shower Panel Day. And Friday will be the maiden shower of my brand new Car Wash Master Shower.

I'll post pictures. Not of me in the shower, but of the before and after shots of the shower. It will empty. Sorry!

I just got news that one of my BFFs is moving back to KC, which is very exciting stuff. Now, my movie-watching buddy will be here, and I will no longer be the last person that gets to see the new hotness of movies.

And in other news, Brother and Company made an announcement that they are expecting a bundle in the course of nine months. This was an unplanned event, because Brother apparently was under the impression he was unable to sire children. Well, all it takes is one little swimmer with Michael Phelps talent to prove that assumption wrong. Brother and Co. wanted to wait another month before telling folks outside the family, but he's apparently made an offhand comment on his Facebook profile about thinking of names. And he's told friends.

Brother, it would appear, can't keep a secret worth shit.

Everyone is excited. Twins run on the side of Company, so it is entirely possible that the one bundle of joy could be two. Hee!

So, I will be an Auntie again. Another grandchild for Mom, who will really get to hone in on he grand parenting skills because Redneck Brother and family live an hour away, and this batch of grandchildren will be close by. She's pretty much given up on me producing any grandchildren for her. I know this because she announced it to complete strangers on the cruise ship.

The only grandchildren I currently offer are the four-legged, furry variety.


reuts_wife said...

I am happy for brother. He told me, totally excited, the other day. He will be the coolest dad ever! Obviously!

Spyder said...

Wow! It's going to get crowded at your house! I bet you will be a fun aunt.