Monday, October 09, 2006

Chili Season Has Officially Begun!

I've been collecting items all week for a pot of chili. I was going to make it last week, but temps were in the 90's, and it just didn't seem right. It was so unAmerican.

But today, however, felt like a fall day should. And out came the big stockpot!

I made enough chili to last a few days, with extra to freeze so I can have it during one of those times where I don't feel like cooking.

Remember at school, it was always the same day each week (in the colder months), they served chili or vegetable soup...and it usually came with a giant cinnamon roll? Ahhh...those were the days. I didn't make any cinnamon rolls, but that sure sounds good right now. HiVee is open 24 hours, right?

Earlier today, I went out and about, retrieving old W-2 forms for the home lender. I packed my forms away and can't remember where I put them. Oh well. The drive was nice, and I took Sam along because he was going apeshit at home. Part of my travels took me to Shawnee Mission, where I used to work at the hospital there in my formative nursing years. They are doing a buttload of construction on a new addition. I remembered how much I liked working there, and how I miss the place. Who knows, maybe I will get a prn job there during the week. It was a good place to work, but they couldn't afford me full time on my current salary. It appears that Heather is painted herself into a corner on that one.


Kristine said...

Okay, now you and Faith both have officially made me feel retarded for not having planned to make chili yet this week. I need to get to the store! YUM.

Heather said...

The week is still young!