Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How I Spent My Weekend

On eggshells, of course.

This working short-staffed is for the birds. We're told that staffing runs in cycles...one month you have tons of nurses, the next month your opportunities for overtime are infinite because there's so many holes in the schedule. Here lately, it's been a nurse-drought. It doesn't help that the bosshole approved a leave for a nurse who wanted a boob job.

Honestly, couldn't something like this have waited until we were not running on less than a skeleton crew???

Boob Job (her new nickname as far as this blog goes), is supposed to return sometime this week. Before she left, all she could talk about were her boobs. Rest assured, that is all we are going to hear about when she returns.

I had the critical care side of the floor, which is only nice in the respect that you don't take any more than 3 patients, and you don't usually take any admits. Other than that, it sucks. The charting is horrible, and you never know when one of your patients gets bored and decides to shake things up by, oh say, not breathing. It tends to happen more than we would like.

Three nights of hell on earth, so by Sunday night, I was wound tight with a hair trigger. Needless to say, everyone gave me a wide berth.

Monday morning, I was looking forward to breakfast with a friend...but in grand and predictable fashion, the breakfast was cancelled due to questionable circumstances. I'm still annoyed and wonder why I put so much effort into certain things when other parties obviously:
A. take me for granted
B. take me for granted -or-
C. take me for granted

Furious, I drove home, took some benadryl, and went to bed. Sam took his usual position under my bed and proceeded to finish chewing on whatever item he found laying around. This week, it's a lint brush.

So, I slept from 9am to 5pm. Woke up, had some fish sticks and a baked potato. Watched half of Pride and Prejudice, then decided that I was tired and went back to bed at 7:30pm.

I woke up around 10:30pm. Took Sam outside, put him in his kennel for the night, finished watching Pride and Prejudice, went back to bed...didn't wake up until 8 this morning.

I'm still tired. A nap sounds good to me, but I have to study for a class I have tomorrow and Thursday.

Busy week for me!

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"The D" said...

Tell "Boob Job" we want pictures and lots of them. And non of that before bullshit!