Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I don't know why, but as of lately, I've been listening to music from my formative years. Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel. My latest blast from the past now hip again: Lionel Richie.

It has nothing to do with his daughter. Although, maybe with money from his new cd, he can afford take her out for a hamburger, extra cheese.

I download a lot of my music (I legally subscribe to such a service, thank you very much). I like the fact that I can listen to new music before I actually go out and buy the disc, that way, I know I'm not pissing away my money on something horrible. Take Metallica's St. Anger cd. I previewed the cd. It was so horrible that I considered sending James Hatfield a case of vodka so he could fall off the wagon and stop writing crappy music. That's how bad it was.

Thankfully, Lionel Richie's new disc is not St. Anger for the R&B crowd. It's quite good. It's just as good as his old stuff. The disc is buy-worthy.

I was telling Paul about it when he remarked he had seen the disc.

Paul: His daughter, Nicole, is on the cover.
Me: Really? I knew she was in one of his videos.
Paul: Yeah...she's on the spine.

Yes, he does come up with some knee-slappers from time to time.

Tomorrow, I have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to an all-day (required) class on Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Also known as What to Do During a Code Blue Besides Panic.

First day: lectures.

Second day: testing with simulations.

Real life situation: Heather's brain turns to oatmeal and she forgets everything she learned in days one and two. And she soils herself.

You try bringing someone back from the dead and see how well you manage!!


thedirtyknitter said...

just heard "easy lover" - phil collins and philip bailey - on vh1 classics this morning...oh does that take me back :)

Anonymous said...

"She's on the spine" OMG That made me spit coffee all over the monitor from laughing so hard!

I needed a laugh, everyone here has the flu, or croup, I dunno, but we are all hacking up our lungs and the house is a snot factory,

I hope you will find a terrific place to live hon! I'm running pics of costumed cats the rest of this week - Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

You know how Jerry Lewis is revered and idolized in France?

Well, for some inexplicable reason, the Iraqi's just LOVE THEM SOME Lionel Richie.


Maybe we should send him over there. "Will you please go over and sing to these bastards and calm their asses down? 'Cause killing them is starting to get boring."