Thursday, October 12, 2006

Packing Sucks and Other Complaints

Today, I bought four medium-sized moving boxes from the storage place by my house. I figured with all the homebuying junk, I should at least get a jump on the packing of the crap. If there is one thing worse than packing crap, it's packing crap at the last minute.

I have come to the conclusion that I have way too much crap.

One whole box...candles only. Who owns that many candles?? (Waves hand in the air.)

I do!!

One box dedicated for all the fabric I bought to make cute scrubs but never got around to making cute scrubs. Now, I hear we're going to assigned uniforms after the first of the year. That figures. Maybe I will just crank out a bunch of scrub tops and sell them at my first ever garage sale.

One box packed holding all kind of knick-knacks from the living room, plus all the wall pictures small enough to fit in the box. My living room is starting to look naked. You know you're making progress when there's an echo in the apartment.

My last box, dedicated to the myriad of crap in my bathrooms...irons, soaps, gels, puffs. I tossed a lot of stuff away. I'll probably toss more once I get to my new environment.

I packed a lot of books away earlier this year. So what do I do? Go out and buy more books. I'm going to need a separate room just to house my books. Sad part...there's still more books out there for me to buy. If I find an author I like, it's not unusual for me to buy everything they've ever written. Good thing I'm not a Danielle Steele fan.

And I finally found a good use for all the editions of the KC Star that I never read because the paper is complete and total garbage. They make for great packing material.

Four boxes packed...many more to come. I'll get some more boxes from work because there's a ton, and they are free. Boxes that housed many interesting things such as foley catheter kits, isolation gowns, and rectal tubes.


Anonymous said...

"foley catheter kits...and rectal tubes."

Oh JEEZ! C'mon! You don't see me posting stuff about "frosty cold speculums and stirrups".

Nobody wants to read about foley catheters.

Nobody except my ex-wives. They actually enjoy that shit.

"The D" said...

Did the prase "Foley catheter kits" remind any one of Senator Foley from Florida!

Kristine said...

I do NOT envy you the packing. YUCKY YUCK!! But it feels really good to get rid of lots of stuff when you move. And I've started getting all my books from the library - I don't need ANY MORE BOOKS in my personal collection. :) I go to Borders and write down the titles of all the books I'd like to buy, then I put them on hold at my library.