Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Four Months 'Til (Jimmy) Buffet Time!

Four months from now, I'm going to be boarding a plane and going to where snow can't touch me. The only ice to be found will be what's floating in my glass. Hee!!

So, I also have 4 months to get into somewhat better shape than I am now. Four flights of stairs, and I am winded to the point, my coworkers fear they will have to cart me back down to the ER for a emergency intubation. But hey, at least I'm taking the stairs and not the elevator!

My friend, T, ordered the Core Secrets thing from some late-night infomercial about 2 months ago. I'm usually not seduced by the infomercials, but after seeing her after she'd been using the program daily for 6 weeks, I must confess...her ass and stomach had shrunk. No special dieting...just her and a big, silver ball.

That's a good product endorsement for me!

So, I ordered one of my own. I got it today in the mail. Airing the damn ball up was workout enough. However, I can't deflate and re-inflate the ball everyday, so I will review the enclosed dvd tonight, and start my workout first thing tomorrow.

T is excited. Now, she says I can bring my ball over to her house and we can work out together. Two women sweating with big, silver balls.

Insert joke here.

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"The D" said...

The only color my balls are going to be is blue!