Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Packing and Manual Labor

The one weekend I am hunting for boxes at work, is the one weekend that I can't get any. So, I bought some more from my storage place. What's that sound? Oh...that's probably Paul screaming something unintelligible about buying boxes (I already got this lecture). Men! They don't like paying for parking either.

At any rate, I packed away a bunch of books, set aside a bunch of books I didn't want to keep anymore. Mostly paperback ones and a few hardback ones I've had for about 10 years. If I haven't read them by now, chances are pretty good that it's not going to happen.

What to do with the books I don't want? The last time I unloaded a batch of unwanted books was a White Elephant gift exchange at a branch Christmas party. Everyone wanted my box because it was so heavy and somehow, people equate heavy with good. When all the gifts were passed and swapped, I can still see the look on his face when he discovered what was inside the box. The look said it all, "You bitch. You gave me stupid books! I was hoping for a case of peanut M&M's!!!"

But I don't know of any White Elephant gift exchanges for this year. I guess I could take them to Goodwill. Or maybe someplace local that sells used books. I'd hate to throw them away. I absolutely hate throwing books away. It feels like I'm commiting a great and terrible sin.

And speaking of...I had enough books from church to fill a box all it's own. I have two copies of The Miracle of Forgiveness. I have a lot of Catholic friends, and most of them think that the Catholic church has cornered the market on guilt. If they had read this book, they would probably realize their church no longer holds the patent for it. A good book, but not considered "light reading".

I found an old quilt top I made out of jeans that I never finished. Packed it. I also packed all my photo albums. Next, I'm going to tackle the hall closet that threatens to dump all the contents on my head whenever I open the door. Everyone has a closet like this. Have something that doesn't have a place? It goes in that closet.

I'm also doing laundry today. Doing laundry in my house is practically an event. Have to sort, then I locate the soap. Load everything in the car. Drive across the complex to our little laundry hut. Load the clothes into the washers. Go home and wait 30 minutes (because I hate waiting in the laundry hut). Return to put the clothes in the dryer. Go home and wait an hour (usually I'm doing other things at home to be more productive). Return to the hut. Fold clothes. Come home and put them away before the cat gets to the basket first.

I will be elated beyond words once I have a washer and dryer of my very own.

Today, I also took the car to get a way overdue oil change (in between the wash and dry cycles). I got raped on the air filter. I'm certain I can get one for less than $24 at Wally World and put it in myself.

Overall, a productive day...and it's not even 7pm. I shall spend the remainder of the evening (after I put my clothes away and clean out the Catch-All Closet of Doom), I will have a hot bath, dinner and watch a Netflix movie.

Tomorrow morning, another adventure with the realtor begins.


Anonymous said...

Packing and moving sucks.

But having your own washer and dryer is almost orgasmically worth it.

Can't believe I have to tell a nurse this, but why don't you donate your unwanted books to a HOSPITAL?!? People who are in pain and pumping morphine will read just about anything if they can stay awake long enough. And if they can't, the people in the waiting rooms will.

Heather said...

Such a good idea!! I think I will do just that!!!

You are kind of handy to have around, XO.

Anonymous said...

I ain't THAT handy! LOL!

Don't EVEN think about asking me to help you move or fix shit in your new house.

We don't know each other THAT well.

heh heh!!!

Annie said...

I'm not sure about KC but in Portland, OR we have a place that sells used boxes. They are cheap as heck, good quality, and don't fill up the landfills! Also, the library might take used books. Our library has a used book sale every year to support the library organization. We can donate our books and it's a tax write-off! Worth looking into, don't ya think? Good luck on this packing thing.

Anonymous said...

A good box don't come cheap - LOL

Best wishes with the move. I wish I had a car, I'd come and get your books, although I think the hospital reading idea is a good one. Got tickled at your laundry routine!

Hope you have a great weekend!