Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back On!

I'm offline for a week, and Kansas City goes to pot. What. The. Hell. I'm inclined to think that all the news I missed (because I get all my news online), is a direct correlation to the apocalypse.

Kansas City maybe getting a hockey team? Didn't we have one already? Didn't they suck (just like every other team in Kansas City)? Does the mere fact that hockey will be playing in a brand new arena make people want to come see them more than they did when they played in an old one?

Hockey? Zzzzz. At least KC is being consistent with the bringing in of mediocre teams. The Penguins should feel right at home here...

And it's not that I am a fair-weather fan. I think they are all a bunch of over-priced whiners all the time.

All week I have been wondering what the hell happened to 97.3. Used to play music, now they are a sports talk channel. I liked 97.3, they played a wider variety than 98.9 did...who only played interviews with D-list celebs, Buck Cherry and pandered to the Meth Crowd.

Looks like it's back to satellite radio.

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Kristine said...

Well, Welcome Back! (?) LOL