Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nobody's Answering

With the whole move and stuff, I've experienced an influx of phone calls from numbers I don't even know. It never occurred to me why this was until the other day.

I changed numbers, so I would need to re-register on Missouri's Do-Not-Call List.

So, I did. However, it won't take effect until April 1. For the next 2 months, I have to sit through countless calls of assholes trying to sell me everything from carpet cleaning to banjo shows for little retarded kids. Swell.

I'm afraid to even answer the phone. We know they don't hear you the first ten times you say no. Maybe I could answer the phone and pretend I am in the middle of having sex. There's all kinds of shenanigans one can do to get even with telemarketers.

Suggestions welcomed.


"The D" said...

#1 get caller ID, dont answer the phone if it is "out of area" or someone you don't know.

#2 answer the phone and just keep saying "Hello?" "Hello?" Just like you can't hear any thing.

#3 Disconnect the phone tell everyone you know to call your cell.

Good Luck!

William Morris said...


"Yes, this is Joe with Advanced Carpet Cleaning. Are you the homeowner..?"

"No, but I can get her. Can you hold?"


Put the phone on hold, put down the handset, walk away. That's my favorite.

Melinda said...

I personally love it when you get the telemarketer to yell on the phone. "What's that, sonny? Can you speak up? I'm havin' trouble hearing you." Before I got on the don't-bother-me list, I was always hard of hearing, and eventually, when they realize they're screaming in the middle of the call center, they'll hang up.